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EAF Strategy

Emirates Aero Sports Federation Strategy

International Athletic Union

Work on deployment and development air sports and formation of national teams compete globally and achievements and organizing tournaments through national cadres qualified adopt international quality and standards excellence.

  • Pertinence.

  • Participation and competition.

  • Commitment

  • Team spirit.

  • Excellence and

  • Deployment aero sports in UAE.

  • Development of aero sports to achieve global achievements.

  • Rehabilitation and upgrading local players and international competitions.

  • Promote culturen of excellence and innovation in Union

strategic objective
strategic indicators
Deployment of aerosports in the UAE
Size of media coverage in the media
Number of tournaments hosted by Federation
Number of tournaments Unionin prticipted in.
Development aero sports to achieve global achievements
Number of tournaments that been achieved
Number of medals that been achieved
rehabilitation and upgrading local players and international level competitions
Number of players who been rehabilitated
percentage increase in numbers of players mempered in Union
Promote culture of excellence and innovation in the work of Union
number of mechanisms developed by the Union
number of  partnerships with other organizations
Concerned people  satisfaction